Multicraft 2.0.0 PREVIEW Release - Updated

20. November 2015
Latest build number: 511200 - Updated Nov 20.

After a long period of private beta-testing we are releasing the latest PREVIEW build of Multicraft for public testing. This is the 11th preview build and between pre10 and pre11 there have once again been a lot of changes so even though there has been a long period of testing this build still has to be considered unstable. The changelog would be too long for this news entry but a summarized list of the largest changes includes:
New in pre24:
- Added dropdown for default displayed IP instead of using a text field to support setting the displayed IP to the daemon IP or daemon FTP IP by default
- Fixed content header for some panel pages
- Removed irrelevant information from some error messages
- Added compatibility fallback for API
- Allow some HTML tags in local plugin descriptions
- Several minor fixes and improvements
- Show message about legacy API when using new key format
- Updated YAML library
- Improved API authentication to use stronger hashing method (this breaks compatibility
  with 1.8.2 and older 2.0.0 preview versions, use the new MulticraftAPI.php or enable
  legacy API support under "Settings"->"Panel Configuration")
- Allow certain characters in old MD5 hashes for backward compatibility
- Fixed potential FTP stacktrace under Windows
- Improved jar/conf download timeout setting and added main config setting
- Increased default number of rounds for password hashes
- Updated de translation
- Added empty translation pack that can be used as a base for new translations
- Fixed config reloading for Windows
- Fixed reloading of externalIp setting
- Fixed several potential stacktraces
- Fixed user sorting under Advanced->Users
- Improved variable expansion to support recursive expansion
- Included some missing encodings
- Updated swiftMailer
- Use more robust subprocess handling library
- Additional minor improvements and fixes
- Added "silent" and "timeout" settings to scripts.conf
- Added Help links to server settings, global settings and panel configuration
- Added example scripts.conf file
- Added singleScriptPerServer setting to multicraft.conf
- Implemented kill timer for server script (see scripts.conf)
- Improved some setting names
- Allow Super Moderators to manage players
- Allow assigning own role to player entries
- Changed the default console/chat direction to newer entries at the bottom
- Console and chat always use same direction
- Daemons are now marked as offline without an additional tag if that feature is enabled
- Fixed and improved chat/console auto scroll
- Fixed demo mode
- Fixed potential startup issue under Windows
- Fixed workingDirectory setting to not affect the server path or template installation directory
- Fixed wrong permission check in command index
- Merged banner/suspended lines into server status line
- Minor layout fixes
- Moved "Displayed IP" to advanced settings
- Reduced chat/console height for some smaller but still common resolutions
- Removed deprecated "Only check for updates as Superuser" setting
- Renamed "Advanced Options" to "Advanced Settings"
- Separated server user/player management rights
- Updated underlying libraries
- Updated de translation
- Implemented daemon offline marking feature to reduce panel delay when a daemo is unreachable (configurable in advanced Panel Configuration)
- Improved connection error messages
- Improved API key generator (shorter but more complex keys)
- Fixed UTF8 display in hint boxes
- Fixed favicon display
- Fixed shutdown delay due to running threads
- Minor cosmetic fixes
- Synchronized theme directories
- Updated de translation
- Fixed permissions of quota check script
- Fixed quota display for long filesystem names
- Fixed regression in servermove functionality
- Only check quota if the functionality is enabled
- Removed single instance restriction
- Implemented FTP connection throttling (speed limit)
- Improved daemon connection verification (this breaks compatibility with 1.8.2 and older 2.0.0 preview versions so the daemons have to be upgraded to pre17 as well when upgrading the panel)
- Added confirmation dialog for server suspend
- Added getCurrentUser API call
- Added setting to allow connecting to legacy (<2.0.0) daemons
- Fixed CSS file path for installer
- Fixed conf parse errors not being displayed
- Fixed database initialization with Chrome and autocomplete enabled for that form
- Fixed double escape in FTP client
- Fixed error in player create
- Fixed installer layout
- Updated several third party libraries to the latest version
- Added button to create default server commands
- Added config setting for non-interactive consoles
- Added server command queue limit
- Added support link to Bukkit plugin list enable setting
- Implemented user name search instead of loading full user list (improves performance on very large installations)
- Improved server write error handling under Windows
- Fixed CPU usage display under Windows
- Fixed back button on server template setup error
- Fixed give list amounts and changed give list sorting
- Fixed listing backup packages with unicode names
- Fixed potential stacktrace in front end installer
- Fixed potential stacktrace when listing local plugins
- Fixed potential stacktrace when packing server files for move
- Fixed server list sort order
- Fixed server template setup hang when template cannot be found
- Fixed several encoding related issues
- Fixed stacktrace when closing the daemon right after startup
- Fixed suggestTemplate forwarding when using browser back button from Setup section
- Fixed version display for some bukkit plugins
- Allow getServer/getServerBackupStatus/startServerBackup API methods for owners
- Allow staff to edit server template setup options even when the daemon is down
- Continue server move even if initialize command fails
- Fallback to dummy db cache when pdo_sqlite is not loaded
- Improved some JS quoting for translated strings
- Increased default server quit timeouts
- Register jquery globally
- Reset stopping sequence on crash event
- Show a more detailed error message when the bukkit plugin list fails due to missing pdo_sqlite
- Sort users by name by default
- Updated DE translation
- Fixed config file being cached
- Fixed config reloading for singleuser/Windows
- Fixed enabling optional paramters in chrome
- Fixed error related to default JAR config
- Fixed font loading to use same protocol as the panel
- Fixed port auto generation when fill gaps setting is enabled
- Fixed potential FTP crash under Windows
- Fixed potential FTP stacktraces
- Fixed potential stacktrace in plugin download
- Fixed several minor security issues reported through our bug bounty program
- Fixed several small issues related to roles
- Fixed stacktrace when no template config file is found inside zip archives
- Added "suggestTemplate" documentation to craftbukkit.jar.conf
- Added missing plugin browser images
- Added setting for web FTP client to use passive mode
- Added support for using the PARAMS variable inside other parameters
- Allow users to list their own servers through the API
- Changed default server list visibility to users only
- Disabled autocomplete for certain forms
- Implemented "API key" API functions
- Implemented co-owner role
- Implemented user database functions for API
- Improved JAR selection layout
- Increased default web FTP file limit and added size checks to download function
- Log FTP errors instead of displaying them
- More consistent use of mini/normal layout
- Moved layout files in theme folders
- Moved server suspend/resume to the menu to the left
- Several loading speed optimizations
- Fixed JAR update when no config source is specified
- Fixed encoding issue in server variables
- Fixed filename encoding issue under Windows
- Fixed issue in DB initialization form for certain browser versions
- Fixed page leave confirmation when moving between servers
- Fixed plugin tags being removed from server log
- Added missing images
- Go to "My Servers" by default when using the server list
- Parsing fixes for Spigot
- Several minor security enhancements
- Show issued commands in console by default
- Implemented Linux disk space quota support
- Added setting for server console date format
pre11 and earlier:
- Implemented server template setup system
- Implemented a default server configuration override for unknown JARs
- Implemented a new default theme using Bootstrap
- Implemented colored console
- Implemented force shutdown (kill) function
- Implemented support for reloading parts of the multicraft.conf while the daemon is running (Settings->Operations)
- Implemented new "Staff" global role for full access to all servers without giving access to panel settings or editing other superusers
- Implemented optional owner selectable server startup parameter system
- Implemented better broken pipe error handling
- Implemented Bukkit plugin version selection
- Implemented support for using SHA2 for password hashes
- Implemented IP network matching for allowedIps
- Implemented Minecraft EULA setting to show button or automatically accept
- Implemented TCP keepalive support for daemon and FTP server
- Implemented advanced daemon side callback functionality
- Implemented option to display console from bottom to top
- Implemented optional per server crash detection settings
- Implemented owner set memory setting
- Implemented setting to control server list access
- Implemented support for different working directory in conf files
- Implemented support for remapping server conf files depending on jar name
- Implemented support for starting the FTP server as a separate process
- Implemented support for stopping or restarting servers based on specific console output
- Implemented support for updating server config files and formats other than
- Added "Delete all Players" functionality to server player list
- Added "Owner set JAR directory" server setting
- Added Bukkit plugin version compatibility list
- Added CPU/RAM display mode setting
- Added autosave setting when changing JAR file setting of servers
- Added confirmation dialog when leaving server settings page without saving
- Added panel setting for choosing the crypt method to use for passwords
- Added setting to allow users to generate API key
- Added start/stop/restart buttons to console page
- Added super moderator role that can stop/restart/backup servers and access the console
- Added support for server templates using zip files
- Added support for updating conf and JAR files at the same time
- Added theme build system
- Allow more time for shutdown signals to process
- Allow multiple ping failures before restarting a server
- Improved builtin "give" functionality
- Improved crash detection and crash handling
- Improved daemon overview to be more consistent and responsive even on very large installations
- Improved server settings page performance for very large installations
- Improved translation coverage across entire panel
- Made "World Saved" message configurable
- Password reset functionality is now case insensitive
- Performance and security improvements in the FTP server
- Require current user password for password/email change
- Show all servers for users with global role "owner"
- Use daemon FTP IP and port settings for servermove

The full changelog can be found here.

The preview release is available here:
Linux: Multicraft 2.0.0 Preview 64bit
Windows all-in-one: Multicraft Standalone 2.0.0 Preview
Windows advanced: Multicraft Advanced 2.0.0 Preview

We appreciate all feedback, bugreports and suggestions. We will also award monetary bounties for certain security critical bugs, please contact us for details if you think you may have found a relevant bug.

Multicraft Bug Bounty Program

22. May 2015
As a last step before the finalization of the new release we have ordered a security review for Multicraft and we have launched a Bug Bounty program with the good folks over at Bugcrowd.
The program has initially been launched as private so if you're interested in participating and earning monetary rewards for reporting security critical bugs please head over to to register for a researcher account. Once you have done so please let us know so we can add you as a researcher to our program.

The bug bounty program will be made public in the future once we have left the initial selection of researchers enough time to review the code.

Blesta Multicraft Module - Updated

29. September 2014
We are happy to announce that the good folks over at Blesta have developed a module to fully support Multicraft with their billing software platform. A video of the module in action can be seen in their blog entry regarding this development:
Blesta Blog: New Multicraft Module

The module is part of the official v3.3 release of Blesta so you do not have to install any addons to use this module. If you are using an older version of Blesta you can download the module separately from this forum post.

The documentation for this new module can be found here:
Blesta Multicraft Module Documentation

You can try the new module without obligation by installing the free trial of Blesta and connecting it to your existing Multicraft installation.

We will also be sending out 15% discount coupons for Blesta owned licenses with every new purchase of any Multicraft license.

BukGet API changes

26. February 2014
The implementation of the BukGet browser in Multicraft has been updated to the latest version of the BukGet API. This will also fix the issues that recent changes in the BukGet API have caused for most users of the built-in plugin browser.

You can download a package with a set of updated files here:

Simply replace the existing files of your panel with the files from this archive by extracting the archive into the front end directory of your Multicraft installation (by default /var/www/multicraft or /var/www/html/multicraft).

Bukkit 1.7

01. December 2013
If you are experiencing issues with the server status display when running Bukkit 1.7 that means your configuration files are outdated. You can simply update them under "Settings"->"Update Minecraft" by selecting your current JAR file and ".conf files", then clicking "Download" and "Install" as soon as the download is ready.
If you are using a different JAR file name you need to make sure that you use an updated .jar.conf file with the same name. You can simply copy it from the official craftbukkit.jar.conf or minecraft_server.jar.conf depending on your server type. For more information, please see Custom JAR Files.

BukGet URL change

12. November 2013
The URL for the BukGet API version 2 has changed, causing the BukGet browser to malfunction. To fix this you can simply edit the file protected/models/BgPlugin.php of your panel and change:
    static $apiUrl = '';
    static $apiUrl = '';
at the top of that file.

Minecraft 1.7

25. October 2013
If you are experiencing issues with the server status display when running Minecraft 1.7 that means your configuration files are outdated. You can simply update them under "Settings"->"Update Minecraft" by selecting your current JAR file and ".conf files", then clicking "Download" and "Install" as soon as the download is ready.
If you are using a different JAR file name you need to make sure that you use an updated .jar.conf file with the same name. You can simply copy it from the official craftbukkit.jar.conf or minecraft_server.jar.conf depending on your server type. For more information, please see Custom JAR Files.

Region Fixer How-To

05. October 2013
A new entry has been added to the How-To section:
Adding Region Fixer support

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions!

New Website and Contact Information

22. September 2013
We are happy to present you our website in a new look today!
Relevant information has been made more accessible and the new design and underlying bootstrap library improve the overall experience of using our website.

In addition to that the main support address for Multicraft has been changed to [email protected], you can reach us under this address from our contact form.

Stay tuned for more news within the next weeks as we will be looking for new talent to help with our continuing work on the Multicraft hosting platform.