Multicraft 2.1.0 PREVIEW Release - Updated

18. Oct 2016
Latest build number: 610180 - Updated Oct 18.

In preparation for the 2.1.0 release we are making the latest PREVIEW build of Multicraft available for public testing. This build currently has to be considered unstable.
Among the usual list of fixes and minor changes we have introduced some major new features:

  • Multicraft can now run servers directly in Docker containers
  • The plugin browser now supports Spigot and Pocketmine plugins
  • Multicraft can now create SRV subdomains using the CloudFlare API (allows connecting to servers through a subdomain without using a port)
  • Google Authenticator can be enabled for two factor authentication
  • User roles can now be edited directly in the panel

Changelog for pre5:
- Implemented support for multiple domains for CloudFlare subdomain/SRV record feature
- Fixed CloudFlare API calls sometimes being blocked (thanks to Net9 Oy)
- Fixed default whitelist filename
- Fixed plugin download issues for certain plugin types
- Fixed potential issue loading libraries on some systems
Changelog for pre4:
- Added "setWorld" template setting to change the world name when installing a template
- Added setting to configure CA bundle location
- Fixed daemon user not being created when running in single user mode
- Fixed potential error in console/chat view with insufficient permissions
- Fixed potential issue with SSL certificate validation on some systems
Changelog for pre3:
- Create A records for subdomains by default
- Added option to only create SRV records
- Improved subdomain feature performance
- Fixed missing modules under Windows
- Fixed player status saving on disconnect
- Updated DE translation
Changelog for pre2:
- Implemented IP filter for Staff users
- Implemented regular expression filter support for subdomain names
- Allow displaying server pages even if database has not been updated yet
- Additional logging during template setup when errors occur
- Fixed SQLite database schema
- Fixes for older PHP versions
- Improved subdomain feature performance
Changelog for pre1:
- Implemented support for running servers in Docker containers
- Implemented support for Spigot and Pocketmine plugins in plugin browser
- Implemented support for creating SRV subdomains using the CloudFlare API
- Implemented Google Authenticator support
- Implemented more fine grained permission control
- Implemented support for editing user roles
- Added "repository" setting to server conf files to set the search location for local plugins
- Added missing length checks for some forms to prevent error messages on save
- Added more checks when running an external program
- Added more information to daemon stacktraces
- Added settings for download useragent strings
- Allow beginning and trailing spaces in configuration values
- Allow file downloads from https without host verification
- Allow the "parse_hide" section to hide any console line, not just server output
- Catch some unhandled exceptions
- Changed server name in main server list to normal links
- Ensure that the plugin list and server settings displayed always refer to the currently running server configuration
- Fixed an issue where user_player entries would not always be deleted
- Fixed default whitelist.json name 
- Fixed potential error on player creation
- Fixed potential error when saving panel configuration
- Fixed potential issue when navigating the panel as a Moderator
- Fixed potential stacktrace on plugin installation
- Fixed potential stacktrace on server initialization
- Fixed stacktrace in local plugin repository
- Fixed user parameter feature not always saving selections
- Improved multicraft.conf updates through the
- Improved plugin list performance and behavior
- Make additional information for conf downloads optional
- Make sure to send stop command to server even if the save-all command could not be sent
- Renamed global role "No Access" to "None"
- Simplified FTP client login page
- Sort JAR list by name
- Updated FTP server library
- Use "pluginMatch" conf file setting to match plugin names when using plugin lists
- Use GET requests for all JAR and conf downloads
- API: Fixed IP returned for user getServer API call
- Installation: Fixed potential error when initializing SQLite database
- Installation: Further workarounds for Chrome autocompletion
- Installation: Improved database initialization form layout

The preview release is available here:
Linux: Multicraft 2.1.0 Preview 64bit
Windows all-in-one: Multicraft Standalone 2.1.0 Preview
Windows advanced: Multicraft Advanced 2.1.0 Preview

We appreciate all feedback, bugreports and suggestions. We will also award monetary bounties for certain security critical bugs, please contact us for details if you think you may have found a relevant bug.

Billing System Modules

25. February 2016
All Multicraft billing system modules are being updated for Multicraft 2.0. The Blesta module has already supported features that the other modules lacked but it's also being updated for the latest changes in Multicraft. The WHMCS module is currently in beta at a lowered price and it's expected to be released soon. The BoxBilling module has already been released and its documentation updated.

The module supports most functions already, some new server fields will be added with the next release. The module is developed and maintained by Blesta so it's included for free with the billing system.

The module has been overhauled to allow all settings to be configured with added support for configurable options and custom fields for any server/module setting. Changes and documentation can be found here. Once it's released the new module can be requested through a support ticket from an address that has previously purchased the module.

The module has been updated for the latest version of BoxBilling and additional server/module settings have been added. The updated documentation can be found here. The new module can be requested through a support ticket from an address that has previously purchased the module.

Multicraft 2.0.1

02. February 2016
Multicraft 2.0.1 has been released as a first maintenance release of the latest Multicraft version. This release contains mostly minor cosmetic changes and fixes so upgrading is optional and only required if you are encountering any of the issues listed in the changelog.

On the daemon it is sufficient to replace the "bin/multicraft" binary. On the panel you can replace the panel files without running the install.php since there have been no database changes.

  • Fixed missing server suspend icon in classic theme
  • Fixed some potentially unhandled exceptions on the daemon
  • Fixed password length not being enforced on password reset
  • Fixed PHP7 error in net2ftp
  • Improved FTP login error message for clarity
  • Updated Yii to latest version
  • Updated copyright notices for 2016
  • Updated library links on about page
  • Installation: Hide typed value on password in put in and fixed escaping of certain characters
  • Installation: Remove other access rights to setup.config for safety
  • Installation: Work around Chrome autocomplete in install.php
  • MulticraftAPI.php: Added missing parameter for createPlayer
  • MulticraftAPI.php: Fixed potential warning
  • MulticraftAPI.php: Improved error reporting

As always, we highly appreciate all feedback, bugreports and suggestions and we will continue improving Multicraft based on your feedback.

Multicraft 2.0.0

12. December 2015
We are proud to announce the release of version 2.0.0 of Multicraft! A lot of effort has gone into making sure that we can implement as many user suggestions as possible with this new version of Multicraft to make it even more powerful and easy to use. The release has been postponed a number of times because of feature requests that we consider to be very useful to the vast majority of Multicraft users. Due to this we have begun offering preview releases for download longer before the final release than usual. If you're running a preview release we strongly recommend upgrading to the final 2.0.0 version.

In addition to implementing countless new features and improvements we have also been able to make Multicraft even more secure thanks to the researchers who have contributed to our Bug Bounty Program we have running with Bugcrowd.

As part of this release we are replacing the Windows all-in-one package with the Multicraft Bitnami Stack for Windows for personal use. There is also a Multicraft Bitnami Stack for Linux that we recommend for personal use if you cannot install all requirements for Multicraft. For hosting providers we still recommend using our Linux packages for maximum security and flexibility.

In good Multicraft tradition the length of the changelog is record breaking. There have been so many new features and changes that even a summarized list of the most important changes would be too long for this news entry so here's just a small selection:
  • New theme using Bootstrap
  • Improved server crash and console handling, including the option to use .conf files for arbitrary JAR names
  • New Staff role for full access to all servers without giving access to panel settings
  • Server template system
  • Improved Bukkit plugin list
  • Optional startup parameters
  • API improvements and additions
  • Security improvements
  • Linux filesystem quota support
  • Configuration reloading
  • Improved performance, particularly for very large installations (1000+ servers)
  • Removed single instance restriction so you can run multiple daemons with different Owned license keys on the same system
  • Reduced the number of times the banner is shown in the free version
  • Many, many more small and large features, improvements and fixes!

See the Full Multicraft 2.0.0 Changelog

We highly appreciate all feedback, bugreports and suggestions and we will continue improving Multicraft based on your feedback.

Multicraft Bug Bounty Program

22. May 2015
As a last step before the finalization of the new release we have ordered a security review for Multicraft and we have launched a Bug Bounty program with the good folks over at Bugcrowd.
The program has initially been launched as private so if you're interested in participating and earning monetary rewards for reporting security critical bugs please head over to to register for a researcher account. Once you have done so please let us know so we can add you as a researcher to our program.

The bug bounty program will be made public in the future once we have left the initial selection of researchers enough time to review the code.

Blesta Multicraft Module - Updated

29. September 2014
We are happy to announce that the good folks over at Blesta have developed a module to fully support Multicraft with their billing software platform. A video of the module in action can be seen in their blog entry regarding this development:
Blesta Blog: New Multicraft Module

The module is part of the official v3.3 release of Blesta so you do not have to install any addons to use this module. If you are using an older version of Blesta you can download the module separately from this forum post.

The documentation for this new module can be found here:
Blesta Multicraft Module Documentation

You can try the new module without obligation by installing the free trial of Blesta and connecting it to your existing Multicraft installation.

We will also be sending out 15% discount coupons for Blesta owned licenses with every new purchase of any Multicraft license.